SAFETY KNOWLEDGE SHARING-The Core of Business Vitality


  1. Walking/Working Surfaces – Last week Titan Electric had two slip, trip and fall incidents on Walking/Working Surfaces. These trip, fall injuries can be eliminated with awareness as walking/working surface conditions are always changing, surfaces can be slick or sticky, even or uneven surfaces, pipe stub-ups from other trades. Let’s talk about it and Be Vigilant.  Do not become distracted while walking and do not look at/use your cell phone when walking.  Finally, do not forget about stairway hazards leading to a trip, when walking up or down stairways, hold the handrail.

    Walking Working Surfaces Training Log

    Walking Working Surfaces Safety Test

  1. Again Nameless returned to warehouse battery band saw with “NFG” written on band saw. Its required to place a “Defective Tag” with what is wrong with the Tool.  Courtesy goes a long way!
  1. Paper work not properly managed on the job site creates more work for someone else. Again, courtesy goes a long way!
  1. Safe Driving – Nothing else matters except you Arriving Safely to your destination.  Speeding, Running late, In a hurry, Not Paying Attention to the Roadway, Cell phone/radio use, Distracted Driving all lead to a collision, not a good event.  Remember a collision means someone is at fault, there is No such thing as an Accident!
  1. Pipe Stub-Ups – Very soon on all Titan Electric job sites will not have any electrical conduit Pipe Stub-Ups. Pipe Stub-Ups have led to many injuries on the job site and by elimination on Walking/Working surfaces we are controlling this hazard.  It is becoming a reality.  The additional benefit is No Impale Hazard!  Win/Win situation. We are working now with the 3rd Generation of Stub-Ease that are much easier to use than the original product.  Changes of ease of use have been designed for you with Stub-Ease to eliminate pipe stub-ups.
  1. Core holes/Concrete Cut Outs on Floor Surface – As I tour jobs I am seeing many Walking/Working surface hazards with Core holes and Concrete Cut Outs.  Make sure these hazards are protected to keep from Slip, Tripping and Falling on the same elevation.
  1. Safety Training – Many foreman have pre-planned, scheduled and completed Safety Training for Scissor Lift, Fall Protection, Flagging/Ground guide, Ladder, Walking/Working Surfaces, Material Handling and many other topics for their job. Other foreman are using Titan Electric Safety Library and Safety Training their crew, others are taking advantage of on-line courses and local union training.  Safety Training Pays!